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Player Name: Razorsaw
Contact: [plurk.com profile] Razorsaw
Referred by: Jeni
Other characters: N/A

Character Name: Jasmine Tsukuyomi (AU)/Dark Precure (OU)
Series: Heartcatch Precure
Game transferring from: Save the Earth/Raise the Earth
Canon Point in previous game: Post series, in a ressurection/memory regain game
Summary/History: Here
Changes in character from previous game: Pre-game )

In-Game )

Personality: Dark )

Jasmine's )

Powers/Abilities: Dark Precure's powers are formidable. She is able to create barriers of red energy, and when releasing her full power by opening her normally closed eye, she can create powerful waves of force. This is no longer necessary after her “upgrade” by Sabaaku, but she does it out of habit, and never reveals her true strength out of a desire to lull enemies into a false sense of security. This is an aspect Jasmine shares, with her showing the same habit the more she got used to "being" Dark Precure.

Beyond that, she is capable of flight (curiously, her single wing seems to be more for the sake of steering than providing flight), and is physically strong beyond the ken of mortal human beings. Her speed is also high, and she has a considerable amount of skill at hand-to-hand combat. Dark Precure is so skilled she's capable of taking on multiple opponents at once, and has the endurance to weather many attacks. She can hit both hard and fast, and her blows both have power and speed behind them. Her skill and endurance are both shown situations where she's been known to take on and basically tank the powers of three fourths of the Precure's team. This is due to a combination of her powers as Moonlight's opposite and the fact that she is an artificial being, designed to be a fighter and emulate Yuri's own formidable powers. In short, she is Cure Moonlight's opposite number, possessing all her skill with added ruthlessness.

Starting out, Jasmine was a bit different from Dark Precure in this regard, being more of a "blunt instrument" in how she fought, even as she gained Dark Precure's innate skills. However, over time, she began to show more refinement and acceptance of Dark Precure's way of doing things, finding more of a middle ground between their two styles.

Her primary weapon is her Dark Tact, with which she can utilize Dark Forte Wave, a blast of energy resembling a flower with black leaves and a red bud. The Dark Tact can also project a blade of energy to effectively serve as a sword. Finally, her strongest technique is Dark Power Fortissimo, an attack where she surrounds herself in crimson energy and hurtles forward, becoming like a living ball of destructive power. Jasmine can also switch from a relatively normal-looking appearance using the brooch she wears in her hair, though in her case, it's more of an outfit change, and she has a single wing on her back in both forms.

Jasmine also has one ability that Dark Precure never had, thanks to the trial she was forced to undertake by the Heartcatch Mirage. She's able to reach a "super" form, where her outfit's edges become sharper and her abilities are even stronger. Her powers are also now balanced between a Precure's natural ability to purify and Dark Precure's emphasis on destruction, and she can join her teammates in performing purifaction attacks. However, that relies on the actual physical presence of the Mirage, and Jasmine doesn't have ownership of it; she cannot use this form unless it is present.

Items on your character: Clothes on her back (transform into Precure outfit when changed)
Brooch (for transforming and summoning her Dark Tact)
Dark Tact
One wallet with various Earth currencies in it, licenses, passport, etc.
Carry-all bag, including sketchbook, tablet, and various assorted knick-knacks.
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Hey, you've reached Jasmine Tsukuyomi. Leave me a message.
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Hey everyone! How am I doing as Jasmine? Any comments? Criticisms? Ways I can improve?

Let me know!

Anonymous comments are enabled and IP logging are turned off.
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Name: Jasmine Tsukuyomi
Age: 20, circa [community profile] raisetheearth
Appearance: Same basic physical appearance, right down to Dark Precure's original heterochromia. Lacks the outfit and wing, until regaining her powers anyway. Also has black hair instead of green.

Full Application: Here

General Information:

Pre-Game History

Jasmine moved to Locke City with her father, an archaeologist, and older sister, Lily, two years ago. Generally, she's somewhat antisocial and prefers the company of her older sister, who she is extremely close to.

This gets her in trouble in school, as she frustrates her teachers with her attitude and her lack of drive. She generally does well enough to pass, but only gets above-average grades in art and english classes.

Furthermore, her moving around constantly has added to her anti-social tendencies, and made her co-dependent upon her sister. As far as Jasmine is concerned, Lily is the only friend she needs. This extends from the loss of the girls' mother, and their father's emotional distance from the two.

If anyone were to know Jasmine, it would not be very well - she keeps her head down and doesn't engage most people. They're likely to have only seen her in classes, or wandering the halls.

Her echo was several months ago, and she's been trying to pretend it didn't happen. Unfortunately, fate has a way of forcing things like that to the forefront...


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